26 Nov 2014

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Just a quick update on our blog.

Thanks to our previous reporters for their good work on news stories and interesting facts files. It has been a difficult year at Uplands, what with the roof coming off the science building last Christmas Eve, and this last 9 months being spent in the temporary mobile buildings (that we affectionately called 'The Science Village' (photos to follow) whilst the flood damaged building was gutted and rebuilt!

We're now back in the new/old building and it's great. We have one less lab than before, because Labs 7 and 8 have been joined to make one huge lab. Otherwise, the best thing has been that we are completely refurbished (I have to admit to missing the old wooden school benches and stools though)

Throughout this time, some of the astronomy activities have been on-hold. For instance, much of the Faulkes Telescope sessions have been suspended, and the astronomy GCSE class has been low-key. However, we're hoping to up our activities again, which means re-instating our beloved Astronomical Uplands blog. (Please leave a comment and let us know you've been)

By the way, if anyone would like to become our new head reporter, or one of the reporting team, please get in touch with Mr Pert or myself...you get to wear your very own Astronomical Uplands badge! :-)
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