23 Nov 2010

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These are more photos from the Herstmonceux trip (see earlier news). The photos show the amazing rising floor in Dome E, home of the 26-inch Thompson Refractor. Look at the door in the photos, you clearly see it is rising, you may also notice J.D.R posing for us next to the door, lovely!

Once the floor had risen fully we got a talk from one of the experts that worked there. She explained that the telescope was not touching the dome at all. It was free-standing, on top of a huge concrete pillar. This is so the telescope does not get nudged while taking a picture. She told us many interesting facts while we were there, but sadly it was over too fast and we were on out way down again. I think we can all say this was a out of this world experience. These awesome photos were taken by one of the astronomy reporters, thanks Asteroid Adam (Adam Farmer).

In other news
We all take astronomy seriously, we are dedicated, work hard and always.... eat sour sweets!! Well just the once. I think we all know who pulled the funniest face though. I shall be kind and name no names, SIR.

By Mr Meteor (Jack Morgan)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rofl Mr Pert!

24 November 2010 at 09:43  
Blogger Ophiuchus said...

That moving floor is so cool, isn't it - it felt like it was the room sinking into the ground!

Great post, Mr Meteor!

Well done, Adam, for taking the pictures.

Oh, yes...loved the pics of Mr P!

24 November 2010 at 20:49  

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