1 Jul 2010

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Forthcoming Events

*Wednesday 23rd June 2010
3.30pm Physics prep room (or L8) Faulkes Telescope session to image SAX J1818.6-1703, which is an X-ray binary: This image will be observed simultaneously by the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer satellite. They are hoping to see flickering (changes in brightness every few minutes) in the optical data.

*Thursday 24th June 2010
10am Faulkes Telescope South (Australia) [cancelled] (however, we still have the slot, if anyone has particular images they'd like to get!)
11.30am Lamberhurst Primary School - Faulkes Telescope North (FTN)

*Monday 28th June 2010
[update: cancelled due to technical problems. DVD of event will hopefully available to view in a similar session at a later date (hopefully before the end of term!)]
1.30pm Brian Cox Star Lecture (Internet, Drama Studio)

*Wednesday 30th June 2010
12.30am Yr7 (7s2) Faulkes Telescope North

*Thursday 1st July 2010
11.30am Heathfield Community College Faulkes Telescope North

*Monday 5th July 2010
10am Frant Primary School Faulkes Telescope North

2.30pm Yr7 (7p2)Faulkes Telescope North

*Monday 12th July 2010
St Richard's College, Bexhill. (Trip) selected Yr8 students to participate in science conference. 1.30pm Mr Pert will demonstrate the Faulkes Telescope to a number of students.

Wednesday 14th July 2010
Wadhurst Primary School FTN

*Friday 16th July 2010
2.30pm Yr 7 (7s3) Faulkes Telescope North

*Wednesday 21st July 2010
1.30-2.00 (GMT) lunchtime Yr8 extra Faulkes Telescope North L8(?)

Monday 26th July 2010
Royal Astronomy Society Newspaper Astronomy Competition Competition closing date



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