21 Sep 2009

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Astronomical Telescope f70070 - for loan

Last summer Uplands received an astronomical telescope to be used by students of the school. We have decided the best way for as many students as possible to take advantage of this equipment is to loan it out to folks who are interested on a first come first served basis.

Hopefully GCSE Astronomy students will be the first in line, but it would be great to see other students interested in taking a closer look at the stars...

If you are interested, please see either Mr Pert (often to be found in Lab 8) for further details

Small print:
Product Name:telescope
Product Model:F70070
Focal length:700mm,f/10
Hybrid diagonal:90o
Metal tripod with slow motion control rod for easy vertical micro adjust ment.
Most height:125cm
Standard 1.25″accessories include:
Eye piece:SR4mm,H12.5mm,H20mm 3X barlow lens,1.5X Erector

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